Session 3: Secrets of national creativity

November 25, 15:00

The session is designed to identify the characteristics of creative industries in different countries and potential scenarios for their further development, taking into account existing and planned support measures.

Questions for discussion:

Leading countries in the field of creative industries. Who are they?

Specialization and diversification of the creative sector: which strategy is more advantageous?

The role of non-material factors in the development of creative industries: path dependency, authenticity and localism.


Evgeniy Kutsenko
Institute for Statistical Studies and Economics of Knowledge (ISSEK), National Research University Higher School of Economics (HSE), Russia

Presentation topics and participants:

  • 15:00 | Cultural and historical prerequisites for the development of creative industries in China

    Aleksey Maslov, Moscow State University, Russia

  • 15:15 | Key success factors for creative industries in Japan

    Ilya Dunichkin, HSE, Russia

  • 15:30 | Main features of the advertising industry in Latin America

    Alicia Sedano Funciya, HSE, Russia

  • 15:45 | Leading countries in creative industries: recognized masters and ambitious debutants

    Viktoriya Boos, ISSEK HSE, Russia

  • 16:00 | Discussion and summing up