Session 1: Human potential of creative industries: education, skills, employment

November 25, 11:00

The session is devoted to discussing various aspects of human potential in the development of the creative economy and creative industries, including personnel training, skills development, employment, and state support for this diversified sector.

Questions for discussion:

Key features of employment in the creative economy.

Problems of personnel training for creative industries.

New trends: the role of digitalization in the development of the human potential of creative industries.

Measures of state support for creative professionals.


Mikhail Gershman
Institute for Statistical Studies and Economics of Knowledge (ISSEK), National Research University Higher School of Economics (HSE), Russia

Presentation topics and participants:

  • 11:00 | The Human side of innovation: Everyday creativity and human potential

    Tudor Rickards, Manchester Alliance Business School, UK

  • 11:15 | The Four Worlds of Creative Employees: the Role of Education Level and Job-Education Match

    Demianova Anna, ISSEK HSE, Russia

  • 11:30 | Creative Value Chains and Human Creativity

    Oğuz Demir, Istanbul Commerce University, Türkiye

  • 11:45 | Formation of end-to-end educational trajectories: from talent support to professional competencies

    Tatyana Abankina, HSE, Russia

  • 12:00 | Discussion and summing up