International Forum of Young Researchers of the Creative Economy

November 24, 14:00

The International Forum for Young Researchers of the Creative Economy organized by the Institute for Statistical Studies and Economics of Knowledge (ISSEK) of the National Research University Higher School of Economics (HSE University) as part of the activities of the Human Capital Multidisciplinary Research Centre.

Questions for discussion:

Key trends in the development of the creative economy and creative industries

Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on creative industries

Digitalization of creative industries

Assessment, measurement and forecasting of the development of creative industries

Analysis of creative clusters

Creative potential of cities and regions

Best practices for business support in the field of creative industries

Sectoral analysis of the development of particular creative industries, etc

Application for participation:

Application for participation in *.doc format up to 1-1.5 pages should include the following information:

1) information about the applicant: full name; date of birth; place of study and / or work; academic degree (if available).

2) abstract of the study: title; relevance and importance; purpose and objectives of the study, novelty; research methodology; results obtained or expected.

Applications are accepted until November 14, 2022 and should be sent by e-mail to

Presentation topics and participants:

  • 14:00 | Urban creative spaces and communities

    Alexandra Balchugova, Evgeniya Mironova, Laboratory for Thinking, Communication & Sense, West Siberian Interregional World-class Scientific and Educational Center, Russia

  • 14:15 | Digitalization of creative industries in the understanding of composers and singers: towards the transformation of the profession

    Evgeniya Evpak, HSE, Russia

  • 14:30 | The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the film industry. Measures to support and restore the film production industry

    Elnara Muradalieva, Rostov State University of Economics, Russia

  • 14:45 | Theoretical and practical approaches to the transmedia promotion of a festival music project in the digital environment

    Anastasiya Usik, HSE, Russia

  • 15:00 | Practices and mechanisms for managing the development of creative industries in Russian regions: trends and prospects

    Julia Shevelyova, The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, Russia

  • 15:15 | Small innovative enterprises: the impact of branding on economic efficiency and competitiveness

    Anastasiya Pashuto, HSE, Russia

  • 15:30 | Decor shop and workshop project

    Daria Lebedeva, Anastasiya Liepa, Tyumen Industrial University, Russia

  • 15:45 | Discussion and results

  • 15:55 | Selection of winners

  • 16:00 | Summarizing