Session 3: Creative Specializations of Russian Cities and Regions

October 27

YouTube live stream recording

The session is intended to discuss the development of creative specializations in Russian cities and regions: the importance and conditions of their formation, positive effects for the city and the region, support measures and features of functioning in various cities.

Questions for discussion:

1. Can creative industries play the role of the main specialization for cities and regions of Russia?

2. Successful practices in the development of creative specializations in the Russian regions.

3. External effects of the development of creative industries.

4. Creative specializations for small towns and large agglomerations: are there any differences?

5. Institutions and mechanisms for the development of creative specializations.


Moderator: Evgeny Kutsenko, HSE University, Russia 

  • 14:00 | Creative Industries in Russian Cities: Key Indicators and Development Features. Presentation of Preliminary Research Results

    Victoria Boos, Russian Cluster Observatory, HSE University, Russia

  • 14:15 | Mutually Beneficial Cooperation Between the State and Creative Business: the Example of Moscow

    Andrey Zheleznyakov, Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Development of the City of Moscow, Russia

  • 14:30 | The Role of Creative Industries in the Strategic Development of Russian Cities

    Anton Finogenov, DOM.RF Foundation

  • 14:45 | Creative Clusters of the Tyumen Region. Management Model, Key Performance Indicators

    Alexey Kraev, Agency for the Development of Creative Industries
    of the Tyumen Region, Russia

  • 15:00 | Successful Creative Educational Projects in Kabardino-Balkaria

    Albert Saralp, Kabardino-Balkarian State University named after H.M. Berbekov

  • 15:15 | Yakut Approach to the Development of the Creative Economy

    Afanasy Savvin, JSC «Development Corporation of the Republic
    of Sakha (Yakutia)», Russia

  • 15:30 | Is There a Chance for Russian Cities to Create a New Specialization Based on Creative Industries?

    Yulia Rybakova, Rostourism

  • 15:45 | Enogastronomic Specialization of the Region — Myth or Reality

    Leonid Gelibterman, International Center of Wine and Gastronomy

  • 16:00 | Discussion and closing remarks