Session 1: Defining and Measuring Creative Economy: Building Evidence Base for Policy-Making

October 27

YouTube live stream recording

The session is devoted to the discussion of the state of the art developments in defining and measuring creative economy and creative industries, and to the exchange of the best international practices in building a quantitative evidence base for policy making in this field.

Questions for discussion:

1. Key approaches to measuring the creative economy worldwide: limitations and opportunities.

2. New developments in creative economy measurement: big data analysis.

3. In search for a unified measurement framework for creative economy: is there a need for common measurement standards and guidelines?  

4. Creative economy indicators and data which are in demand among policy makers.


Moderator: Mikhail Gershman, HSE University, Russia

  • 10:00 | Welcome and Introduction

  • 10:05 | Developing an Evidence Base for Policy Making in the COVID Environment: Art, Creative Industries or Jobs of the Future?

    Stuart Cunningham, Queensland University of Technology, Australia

  • 10:20 | Russia’s Creative Economy: New Developments and Key Indicators

    Mikhail Gershman, HSE University, Russia

  • 10:35 | Defining Intellectual Property-Based Creative Industries - WIPO's Empirical Approach and Findings

    Dimiter Gantchev, WIPO

  • 10:50 | Industrialization of the "Borderline" Areas of the Economy of Culture

    Ilya Kiriya, HSE University, Russia

  • 11:05 | Measuring Creative Industries: The Case of the Architectural Sector in the Netherlands

    Robert Kloosterman, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands

  • 11:20 | Creative and Cultural Industries — Crises, Challenges, Innovations

    Ian Miles, University of Manchester, UK

  • 11:35 | Discussion and closing remarks