International Forum of Young Researchers of the Creative Economy

November 17, 10:00

The International Forum of Young Researchers of the Creative Economy is organized by the Institute for Statistical Studies and Economics of Knowledge (ISSEK HSE University) as part of the activities of the World-class Human Capital Multidisciplinary Research Center

Questions for discussion

  • Key trends in the development of the creative economy and creative industries
  • Digitalization of creative industries
  • Assessment, measurement and forecasting of the development of creative industries
  • Analysis of creative clusters
  • Creative potential of cities and regions
  • Best practices for business support in the field of creative industries
  • Sectoral analysis of the development of particular creative industries

Application for participation

Application for participation in *.doc format up to 1-1.5 pages should include the following information:

1) about the applicant: full name; date of birth; place of study and/or work; academic degree (if available);

2) abstract: title; relevance and importance; purpose and objectives of the study; novelty; research methodology; results obtained.

Applications are accepted until November 1, 2023 and should be sent by e-mail to


Mikhail Gershman
Director, Centre for Science, Technology, Innovation and Information Policy

Presentation topics and participants

  • 10:00 | Welcome speech

    Mikhail Gershman, HSE University, Russia

  • 10:05 | Assessing the consequences of 2022 and further development strategies for the creative economy of Russia

    Victor Bryzgalin, Asiya Bakhtigaraeva, Moscow State University, Russia

  • 10:12 | Creative industries in the largest cities of Japan: National characteristics and development prospects

    Anna-Arina Zvereva, HSE University (Moscow), Russia

  • 10:19 | Creative spaces as “third places” in Russian regions

    Daria Petrunina, Evgenia Kuziner, HSE University (St. Petersburg), Russia

  • 10:26 | The history of the economy of small towns as the basis for the modern development of creative industries

    Tatiana Kapanina, Moscow State Regional Social and Humanitarian Institute, Russia

  • 10:33 | Foreign experience of cluster interaction of creative spaces

    Valeria Zalozhnykh, Elizaveta Markina, Daria Khomyakova, HSE University (St. Petersburg), Russia

  • 10:40 | Stimulating the creative activity of young people in the creative spaces of St. Petersburg

    Lidia Smirnova, Saint Petersburg State Institute of Culture, Russia

  • 10:47 | Current trends in the development of the art market

    Vadim Shatilov, Lugansk State Academy of Culture and Arts named after M. Matusovsky, Russia

  • 10:54 | Interaction between Russia and China in the creative economy: Features and prospects of the film industry

    Alya Gracheva, HSE University (St. Petersburg), Russia

  • 11:01 | An interdisciplinary approach to determining the role of digital infrastructure in the transformation of creative industries in Russia

    Yulia Kazakova, HSE University (Moscow), Russia

  • 11:08 | Digitalization of the music industry. Assessing the dynamics of changes in the streaming segment with the introduction of generative music products

    Evgenia Evpak, HSE University (Moscow), Russia

  • 11:15 | Digital platforms as an organizational and management tool for analyzing the activities of subjects of creative industries

    Artem Pavlukhin, Moscow State Institute of Culture, Russia

  • 11:22 | Creative economy and its environmental impacts

    Zipporah Simiyu Nafula, RUDN University, Russia

  • 11:29 | Discussion and summing up

  • 11:50 | Selection of winners